Monday, December 28, 2009

Celts-Clips: The Bells Ring

Rajon Rondo clanked both free throws, and Baron Davis sinks an incredible shot as long as the cruising Boston road warriors. The Celts had won nine straight outside of Beantown heading into this one.

What really happened here in short? Kendrick Perkins only scored nine points and brought down only six rebounds -- AND only rejected just one shot. Kevin Garnett scored just 12 in the losing effort, and the remaining healthy component of the Big Three, Ray Allen, only posted 13. Not bad numbers, but not something we're used to seeing. Especially against a mediocre squad like the Clippers.

Tony Allen had another good game with 10 points and (a huge) 10 rebounds. Rajon Rondo also chipped in for 20, despite not drilling a few key free throws at the end.

But let's face it -- instead of Rasheed Wallace looking like one of the craftiest and more capable post players in the league tonight, Chris Kaman just flat-out bullied him. You'll see in's replay that on one basket, Kaman power dribbled, checked Wallace out of the way, and put up an layup. There shouldn't have been a call there, for those of you that are screaming. It's what happens every time down in the paint, except it was more visible since there weren't many players on either side down there.

The Clippers played a great ball game and were persistent. I can't complain much because we've been playing top-notch. Here though, lack of energy really did us in.

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