Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bulls Send G/F John Salmons To Milwaukee Bucks

Story from ESPN:

The Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks have agreed to a deal in principle that will send John Salmons to the Bucks.

Chicago will get two expiring contracts in return. Initially, sources said that the Bulls would get Kurt Thomas and Francisco Elson. But Thursday morning, sources close to the process told that there is a "90 percent chance" the Bucks will trade Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander instead of Thomas and Elson.
I think this is the right move for Chicago. They get a better deal with Warrick and Alexander as opposed to Thomas and Francisco Elson, and also, the Bulls are still a .500 team. I think with the athleticism of Warrick that they can really thrive in the fast break, as young teams commonly do, and once again become the pesky team in the playoffs (i.e. the '07-08 Atlanta Hawks). Now, it's unlikely that they get past the first round, but I think this team is solid enough, skilled enough, to edge their way into the playoffs.

As for the Bucks... er... keep uh, doing what you're doing (translation: keep making big moves but still don't really change the complexity of the team. Afterall, you wouldn't want to blow up a team that has the potential to barely scrape .500).

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