Monday, February 8, 2010

I've Seen a Lot of Great Past Evaluations Today... But This One Tops 'Em All

I was cruising around the Internet when I stumbled across this dusted gem by Bill Simmons: Doc Rivers and the Ugly Side of Ubuntu.

Here's what's so subtly hilarious amongst all the obvious humor in this post: Despite the fact that Simmons is clearly trying to be comical, he's hit almost everything I tried to point out during the '07-08 playoff run, and even elaborated stuff that I overlooked atrociously. Hell, the man has Ray Allen's future panned out.

The article is about a fantasy locker room meeting Simmons dreams about before Game 5 of the Boston-Cleveland series in the championship year. Here's what Ray Allen remarks after Doc keeps hyping the importance of emphasizing winning to the media, despite that Boston team basically filled with a bunch of losers except for Posey and Cassell:
ALLEN: Well, let's stop using the phrase "Big Three" then. I'm not that type of player anymore -- really, I'm a spot-up jump shooter and that's it, and if I don't have my legs for a road game, I'm useless. There's not a ton of difference between me and Szczerbiak at this point. Two years from now, they'll be changing my name to "Ray Allen's Expiring Contract" unless somebody gives me a bionic pair of ankles.
Read the whole piece. Please. It explains a LOT about the past two and half years, and although it doesn't straighten out all of our confusions and doesn't fully guide our guessing on what's wrong with the team, it comes pretty close. The perception and accuracy of Simmons' words is unimaginable. That piece is still relevant to this day.

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