Friday, March 12, 2010

Donny Boozeface's Coaching Strategy- Pickup Ball, Basically

Just finished watching a thriller between G State and the Blazers. Portland came from 16 down in the second half to win. Great game, unless you're a Warriors fan.

At one point during the witty banter (hah!) going back and forth between Doug Collins and Kevin Harlan, Collins pointed out that Donny Boozeface had implemented a genius offensive strategy where the players "spread it out and beat you one on one off the dribble." You mean like every pickup game I've ever played in my life? Is that the coaching genius you're referring to, Doug? "Spread it out and beat you one on one off the dribble." Revolutionary stuff there, dude.

Collins and Harlan also spent an inordinate amount of time discussing all the D Leaguers on the Dubs roster and how amazing it was that they were all able to flourish under the offensive tutelage of said mastermind, Don Motherfreakin' Nelson. News flash, experts: any player will be comfortable in that 'system' because it ain't a system; it's pickup ball. Every pro baller in the world's been "spreading it out and going one on one" since about age five.

If you follow the standings, you're aware that GS is an abysmal 17-47 this year, which begs the question: if a team's only winning 27% of their games, and their entire strategy is to just play pickup ball, why do they need a coach?

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