Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He's Still In The League?

During last week's Oscars, there was a cut-away shot of Keanu Reeves in the audience. Remember that? Like the majority of the gazillion viewers watching around the globe, I thought to myself, "What's he doing there?"

I had that same feeling when I saw Devean George enter a game recently for the Warriors. "He's still around?"

So then I went through NBA rosters to find the best examples of other Deveanu Greeves (see what I did there?). Here are some of the 'winners.'

ATL- Jason Collins. I can't remember, was he the cute one or the talented one?

BOS- Brian Scalabrine. As close as there is to a Team Mascot In Uniform, Ginger Balls is averaging 1.4 points per game this year. And this absolutely breaks Tommy Heinsohn's heart.

CHI- Devin Brown hasn't been in the rotation since mid-January. Now that Joakim Noah's injured, I bet the Del Negros are stoked that they traded away 7-footer Aaron Gray for this guy.

DAL- Matt Carroll's getting paid almost five mil in 2010 for his 91 total minutes of floor time. By my math, that mean's Opie's collecting $263,000 a minute. No wonder he's always smiling.

LAC- Brian Skinner starting his career on the Clippers bench in '98. Over a decade later, he's back to square one (or is square zero?). Either way, B Skin And His Amazing Technicolor Chin Beard have checked in at the scorer's table only twice in the past 22 contests. In that time, he's 0-3 from the floor.

LAL- DJ Mbenga hasn't been in the news since his practice squabble with fellow scrub, Chris Mihm. Who?!? You remember Mihm, right? Looks like Jack Shepard from Lost. No? Nevermind.

MIA- Yakhouba Diawara's registered two official minutes since December and only 37 total for the year.

C'mon, coaches. If these guys ain't injured, reward their daily attendance with some PT. They learned your playbook and listened to your boring speeches. Show some love to the forgotten man way down at the end of your bench.

Pictured: B Skin and his beard on the court, apparently (probably Photoshopped)

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