Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Make Or Break Postseason Ahead For Cs

I won’t dwell on the disappointing play as of late. It’s well chronicled already here. I also won’t delve into Ainge’s recent questionable personnel decisions (first Starbury, now…Nate?!?).

I’m concerned with the bigger picture here, like "What the hell does this team look like in 2012?"

If the Celtics don’t win the title this year, it’s Rebuild Around Rondo Time. Yeah, the same Rondo they tried to deal after winning a ring, the Rondo reportedly described by Doc as “stubborn” and “impossible to coach.”


Pierce, Ray Ray and KG still have trade value, no question. But I wasn’t surprised to see all of the Still Pretty Big Three wearing green after the deadline. Why? ‘Cause there’s still the possibility that KG’s lift comes back in the next month. He certainly looked good against Jersey, right? But if you look at some box scores, the first thing you notice is that he's only had one double digit rebound game since December. Not a good sign. With a relatively healthy KG, they have a puncher’s chance against anyone. As KG’s knee goes, so goes the future of this team. But without cooperation from KG’s knee, Pierce and Ray Ray become overpaid vets with cumbersome contracts. Without KG’s knee, none of this makes any sense.

So Ainge is betting the farm on an old horse. Again.

It’s important to remember that Danny Boy built this team to win a single title. He knew it at the time. He still knows it. That mission was accomplished two years ago. This was never a long term plan. It’s entirely conceivable that Rondo, Big Baby and Perk are the only rotation guys in uniform this time next season.

Damn, I forgot that 'Sheed's still on the books for two more seasons at over six mil per. Oh, joy. That makes me feel better about things.

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