Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rerun: LeBron changing number.

If one didn't know better, Stuart Scott just announced on SportsCenter that LeBron James will be playing in Cleveland next year. Here's why: LeBron has filed the paperwork to change his number from 23 to 6, something that he wouldn't have to do if he were signing with another team. So there you go. You can just stop thinking about LeBron signing with the Knicks/Clippers/Bulls/Heat/Nets this summer.

Ugh. This is the second time this season we've heard about this. In November, LeBron told everyone to stop asking him about who he would be playing with after the summer because he was tired of hearing about next year. Then what does he do? Later that week he announced that he was thinking about changing his number for next year, the same "next year" that he was tired of hearing about. He also wanted the league to retire the #23 for all teams in honor of Michael Jordan. And now, three months later, I'm sure the fact that you only have to fill out paperwork to change a number if you're not changing teams will be sure to quell all the free-agency questions. In fact, we'll probably forget the whole thing and need every other article written about the NBA to include a reminder. Like in this "report" from ESPN:

James will be part of the vaunted 2010 free-agent class that includes Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. While Bulls fans would like to see him try to make No. 6 as legendary as No. 23 in Chicago, New York has also maneuvered to have enough cap space to sign James.

Cleveland can sign James to a longer, more lucrative deal, however.

I really like how they sneak that in, as if they're telling us something we haven't heard before, or more like a thousand times.

But here's a question: didn't he pick #23 to honor Michael Jordan to begin with? Isn't that what everyone who wears that number does? It doesn't make sense, unless he's doing it to gain more attention and jersey sales.

And this is what happens when I blog at one in the morning (CST).

Report: LeBron wants No. 6 (ESPN)

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