Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where To Build The Great Wall

His college career is over. Now John Wall gets to watch the lottery process determine which bottom feeder will pay for his services next season. Here are the current candidates in ascending order of suckiness: NJ, MIN, GS, WAS, DET, SAC, PHI, NY, IND, LAC, NO, CHI, HOU, MEM.

So which of these losers is the best fit for the lightning fast PG? The Bulls and Hornets are already set at that position and might go in a different direction with the pick. The Warriors and Kings might be tempted to trade down since they seem to be pretty happy with Curry and Evans (although if I'm Geoff Petrie and I get the #1, I definitely slide Tyreke over to shooting guard). Minnesota is still holding onto their dream of having Rubio in uniform at some point in the future. And Wall's speed would be wasted there anyway. Jrue Holiday's been balling lately for Philly plus they still have Lou Williams. The untradeable Gilbert Arenas is the last man standing in Washington. And unless the Clips deal Baron and His Beard, Wall would start his career in LA on the bench.

So who does that leave?

Houston would definitely ditch Aaron Brooks for Wall. Ditto for career backup Earl Watson in Indy. It's pretty obvious that the Rodney Stuckey PG Experiment ain't working in Motor City. D'Antoni's tried a gazillion different options at quarterback for the Knicks, all with marginal success. And of course, we have the Nyets. Devin Harris would have to go but that seems inevitable anyway.

My two cents: I'd love to see Memphis resign Gay, let Z-Bo walk and then draft Wall. He'd be in an uptempo situation with shooters and finishers on his wings. He'd also look nice next to Granger and Brandon Rush for the Pacers.

Pictured: Wall- CP3 and DWade combined

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