Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's Being Said About The Cs

Some pretty pointed things being said about the Cs today:

*Spears: they've lost their aura of greatness.

*They're old, slow and banged up according to Helin.

*Bulpett accuses them of 'putting the D in debacle' and then goes on to compare their defense to France circa 1940. I know.

Basically, the entire world is shitting on the Cs right now. And they deserve it. Their defensive rotations haven't been this bad since 'Toine was in uniform. So many wide open shots. 'A step slow' is a major understatement. 'Three steps slow' is more like it.

So what's the magical fix? What can stop the bleeding?

My two cents: shorten the rotation and stop giving minutes to Nate, Shelden Williams, Big Baby and Finley. Stick with the starters and only bring Sheed, Tony Allen and Marquis off the bench for significant PT. This is a team built around defense. Only play guys that can check their men. On offense, Doc should be taking the air out of the ball like Larry Brown does in Charlotte. Slow the pace down. Make sure Perk gets a lot of touches. Post up Pierce more. Control tempo.

I'll say this: this team still has the weapons to make a run this year. I'm seeing lots of predictions that they get bounced in the first round. Somehow, I don't think Pierce is gonna let that happen.

Pictured: Does this look like a man who goes home early?

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