Wednesday, December 23, 2009

KG Argued to Play? Update: Big Baby Details

Update: While we're discussing injuries...

From the Globe:
Celtics forward Glen Davis will join the team for a four-game road trip, but will not play while recovering from a broken right hand.

Coach Doc Rivers, speaking before the Celtics met Indiana Tuesday night, said he wants Davis to participate in practices in Orlando and Los Angeles.

The Celtics will depart Wednesday morning in preparation for Friday's game at Orlando. The Celtics also visit the Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State, and Phoenix.
Last night in a last minute announcement before a Celts-Pacers game, it was reported that KG was out with a right thigh bruise. Red's Army tells us that CSNNE called it "strategic rest." I don't want to get too speculative with just a minor injury, but I'd really hate to see spiral into another issue where the front office conceals the real injury from us and we end up dragging through the season thinking we'll have our savior in the end. tells us that KG has had the injury since a December 14th in a five-point trumping of the Pacers... so it's good to know he can at least play with the nag. Of course, all we're being told by Doc is "He said that's where he got hit."

Couldn't have guessed that one Doc.

Hopefully it doesn't develop into something we'll have to nurture for the remainder of the season. KG argued to play, as he did last season after returning with the dreaded knee injury, and has played and played rather well with the bruise. Maybe a game or do will do it?

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