Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yeah, I Choked Too: Pierce Out For As Many As Two Weeks


According to WEEI, Garnett will be a gametime decision (for Orlando's game).


Paul Pierce will miss the Celtics' upcoming four-game road trip, and may be sidelined for as many as two weeks, because of a knee problem that required a medical procedure on Wednesday.

Team owner Wyc Grousbeck said Pierce began feeling discomfort in the knee after Tuesday night's victory over Indiana. He described the problem as an infection that required drainage, but said he wouldn't describe the procedure as surgery.

When reporting this rumor via Twitter, Jon Duke told us to "not worry about KG." Duke also told us that it was an infection that irritated Pierce on Tuesday. Hmm...

The good news? We'll have the chance to get a good look at Bill Walker, who was recalled today, as well as an even better look at Tony Allen. We shouldn't freak too much -- we do have a 22-5 cushion. CSNNE also reported that Pierce had the medical procedure (rinsed and irrigated, says Wyc Grousbeck. Says Wyc, "... it require some antibiotics") completed today, so there shouldn't be too many extentions on his sideline time.

The bad news? We're heading on a road trip where we play both Phoenix and Orlando (Christmas day). Both Orlando and Phoenix have hit us hard with losses, both at home, this season. Obviously, we were playing slumpish at the time, but there shouldn't be much of a difference in how we play now without Marquis Daniels and Pierce. There shouldn't be.

I look forward to see how much they'll speed along the Garnett hindrances. I'd assume now they'll play him for the Orlando game just to make a statement, then hold him back and leash his minutes for the Phoenix game. Unsure, depending on his progression, whether or not he'll participate in the Clips or Golden State games. Just my guess, as the Celtics were at first a bit skeptical about Garnett's situation. Who knows, maybe he'll come back and all we'll see is a few limps in the first quarter and he'll be fine from there on out. All I know is that either we're going to need a speedy recovery on BBD's part or Garnett back to take down Orlando. Howard will go ape on the boards otherwise.

Last thought: Perk had 19 and eight last game without Garnett. Maybe keep Garnett under 30 just for defense in the Orlando game, and hold him to 20 for the Phoenix game?

Thoughts from anybody? As (Jon) Duke mentioned, it's an infection... not a good sign.

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