Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Few Trade Rumors to Mull Over

Well folks, here we go again: trade deadline heat has arrived. And this year, we're treated with the special speculation of the 2010 offseason as well. It looks to be a buyer's market this year, as most of the teams looking to sell are doing so for two reasons: to get rid of misjudged fits with the team, and to clear cap space. Or if you're the New York Knicks, both! (Couldn't resist).

Let's take a look at some of the raw rumors that have come up so far.

There's an interesting report about Gilbert Arenas, where the Washington Post's Michael Lee is telling us that Orlando GM Otis Smith is interested in the troubled Wizards' guard. A trade is a possibility here, but Smith says he's "not necessarily sure." We'll definitely keep an eye on that one.

Chad Ford tells us that Kevin Martin is likely on the move, as during the Kings' period of observation, where Sacramento has evaluated the effect of the one-two punch of Tyreke Evans and Martin together in the backcourt, they've been disappointed with the results. The Kings are just 2-14 with Evans and Martin equally supporting the backcourt, while with Martin on the sidelines due to injury they were 14-18 (including some losses where they contested rather strong teams).

Also to note on Ford's report: Jamison is in fact not the number one Wizard on the market, but instead it's Caron Butler. The Wizards are looking for much in return for Jamison. One GM said: "Jamison is a good player, but he's old and makes a lot of money. No one is giving up a future superstar in return."

And, something that surprised me was the fact that nowhere in Andre Iguodala's section was Boston mentioned. Perhaps Danny's words about it not being likely that Allen would be packing his bags were heavy-hitting words to some teams?

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