Saturday, February 6, 2010

Scott Souza: Will It Be Enough?

Via CelticsBlog

Scott Souza gives a detailed piece on the vast variety of worries binding Celtics' fans down right now:

"Sometime in the next few days, Celtics coach Doc Rivers should finally have the entire team together he and Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge assembled at the end of the summer. The hovering question is: Will it be enough?"
Let's face it: Despite the fact that these next few weeks will be stressful for a Celtics fan -- even if everything pans out exceptionally -- I can't point out that we're overreacting just a teensy bit. We're swallowing everything the media is giving us, and sometimes those reports might just not be true. Be realistic here: As much as last Sunday's ESPN/ABC crew mentioned the ongoing injuries for the Lakers, the incredible impact a banged-up Kobe Bryant has on that L.A. team, I don't remember them equally pointing out that KG's entire right leg is only just starting to show flashes of its old form; Glen Davis is struggling mentally and was out for a good portion early in the season; Paul Pierce has already suffered an unfortunate number of injuries, which is making an impression on his play; Marquis Daniels has been out for quite some time now; and both Eddie House and Ray Allen are shooting below-average compared to last year's numbers.

All of that adds up to a huge hole that is fixable and comes with a few things: time, patience, and persistence in believing in the team's confidence and work ethic.

Sure, I really do think it'd be a plus to get somebody like Andre Iguodala, who could fill Allen's spot, regenerate the team, and strengthen our youth. There's a lot of pros there. But can we do it if we rid ourselves of this terrible luck? Sure. It's only a matter of time before a black-eyed team like us catches a few breaks.

Now the question is, how much and how long can we depend on the likelihood of all those coming in one place at one time?

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