Saturday, February 27, 2010

Looking For a Writing Home? Celtics 17 Is Looking For Assistance!

Hey everyone,

First off -- I just wanted to thank those of you that stuck with Celtics 17 during it's lull between mid-January and early-February. For those loyal readers/friends/promoters out there, it's a pleasure to have you reading the blog.

That being said, Celtics 17 is looking for skilled writers and knowledgeable basketball fans, experienced or inexperienced, to come in and share their valid thoughts about the team and the NBA on the site. We're open to looking at anyone who has an alliance to any team, not just Boston Celtics' fans.

We're looking for a variety of positions, so please, don't hesitate if you think your idea of what you would like to contribute to the site isn't useful to us.

Here's a few popular and recognizable role descriptions: Celtics game previewer/recapper (more commonly known as beat writer. This could either fall to two writers or one, depending on their time availability; NBA columnist (again, fans of any team are welcome to share their outlook on the league -- this involves looking at recent games that are abuzz the Internet/media world, looking at certain players, giving your thoughts on certain teams, situations, or reports, etc.); Celtics/NBA reporter (sharing links of reports from any major media or well-respected website involving rumors, important reports, and maybe even a few amusing/informative quotes from players, coaches, organizations, and fans); or social networker (this would entail the head of this position -- as I'm looking for multiple people to help out in this area -- to post on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google Buzz, Google Reader, etc., any articles that are posted on the site, as well as to reach out and link to other blogs/websites where you find articles/posts you think readers would enjoy taking a look at).

Again, that's only a few of many positions that Celtics 17 is looking to activate right now. There could be more specified roles branched off of those positions that I just mentioned that you might be interested in, or you might have an idea of a new, unique role for Celtics 17 that you want to discuss with me. If you have anything you'd like to talk with me about at all, please don't be reluctant to email me at Resumes/former pieces that I can look at to see how you can/what you can do to help the site are a necessity also.



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