Thursday, February 25, 2010

Risin' Up: Celtics-Cavs Throw Down Tonight

I'm just going to quickly run down the list for you of stuff that I'd like to see tonight:
  • First and foremost, let's show some more consistent defensive effort like we showed in the first game of the season. Let's put forth that same effort, play with the same adrenaline. Fending off the Cavs and pushing them to the bottom part of the 90-point-hill is all I can ask for. 
  • KG, keep it going. Come out with the same bounce that you've showed the past couple of games. I don't care if you score 10 points and get five rebounds -- I want you to tear up the glass even if you DON'T get the board so we can keep Shaq, LeBron, and Antawn Jamison from ripping us apart on the offensive boards, and I want to see you rotating like you never have this season. I want to see you and Perk completely shutting down the Cavs interior offensive effort. I want blood. Ray, you too. Play like you've been playing since the break.
  • Paul, 'Quis, I don't know if you're playing tonight, but I want to see you guys suffocating LBJ. We've been giving up too many easy baskets in our half-court sets, and it's time to show by example how the Celtics of old played defense. If Cleveland's perimeter does manage to find their way into the paint, well then they've earned it. But I want to make sure that they indeed earned it. No free lanes tonight, please.  Give them a dose of their own medicine, "just so they under-STAND."
  • Rondo, keep dishing, keep driving, keep playing confident. You've been playing great when you take an offensive stand, committing to aggressive offensive moves and giving yourself a chance to score on your own. Look for your shot, and if it's not there, do your thing with distribution.
  • Perkins -- you've been slumping a bit lately. No matter the shots you take, let's try to keep a high percentage, so just in case Shaq does happen to go off (which is a slim possibility because I know that you understand we're all expecting you to play top-notch D tonight) for a big offensive night, we can fire right back at 'em.
  • Hey Nate, let's run their bench into the ground alright? Don't be selfish, but do what you have to do.
  • Rasheed, don't be an ass tonight. Thanks.
Prediction: As always, it depends on a few things. Obviously, those are all key, but these are the real crucial ones: Bullets number two, four, and five. If we can get the rest of the team going with our play right from the start, we have a great chance of winning this thing, Pierce and 'Quis or no Pierce and 'Quis.

If all crucial bullets are executed: Boston: 95, Cleveland: 87

If 2/3 are executed: Boston 92, Cleveland: 88

If 1/3 are executed: Cleveland: 93, Boston 89

If none are executed: Fahgetta 'bout it.

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