Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nate Robinson to Boston!

 UPDATE, 3:01 P.M. EST: Alan Hahn NOW adds this:
I'm done with the attempt of the up-to-the-minute game here. Being corrected on info regarding House/2nd rounder. Stay tuned.
And this:
Let's start over. Source says Nate-to-Celtics is "close" but no specifics yet can be confirmed.
Oy. Enough with up-to-the-minute, as most others have had to say after all these updates... I'll just tell ya when it's done.

UPDATE:  Alan Hahn has this to say:
Nate trade not "official" but done - and @WojYahooNBA says may not finalize until tomorrow - but sounds like it is House/2nd Rnd pick.
So I guess, until it's finalized tomorrow, this is it... unless somebody pulls out or somebody gets added to the deal, further complicating it. But, so far, I'm content with the deal. We don't know how Nate will cooperate with the system, if he can change his style and/or attitude (therefore changing his style), but for now, we have our backup PG. And while Eddie is an underrated piece to the team, we still didn't give up a considerable amount, seeing that the consolation prize aside from Eddie is just a second-rounder.

Teaser, courtesy of HoopData's Twitter: 
Eddie House historically gets assisted on 80% of his FG's. Nate 45%. Nate should have a lot more open looks in Boston.
According to Synergy, Nate = 0.94 PPS off the dribble (102 shots), 1.22 PPS catch and shoot (78 shots). TS% should rise overall in Boston.
UPDATE: Paul Flannery of WEEI updated this post on Twitter:
Nate Robinson [to Boston] is NOT a done deal, but sounds like it will still happen. Working on names.
Supposedly so far, the sides are discussing an Eddie House for Nate deal. It would hurt our shooting percentages, but if Tony is still on the squad (again, this is all hypothetical and nothing is yet confirmed), we would have a great driving team with Robinson and Tony coming off the bench, and Pierce and Rondo in the starting line-up.

UPDATE: Celtics Town has two sources saying the deal might not be done. Wojnarowski of Y! Sports (link in CT's post) says both sides are motivated but the deal might not be finalized until tomorrow.

Extra thoughts: Does this mean no Ray Ray trade? No Sheed trade either?

UPDATE: Nate Robinson to the Celtics is reportedly a done deal. (CelticsBlog has all the rumors and updates as to who the Celtics were going to trade when the trade was still in the "serious talks" stage. Alan Hahn has yet to release a story as to whom the Celtics let go to NY. The Herald, before the "done deal" Alan Hahn tweet was posted, had Tony Allen, Eddie House, and Brian Scalabrine packing their bags for New York. As much as I want Robinson -- for a backup PG, that is -- I'm disappointed to see Tony go.)

More to come.

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