Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Executives Firing on All Cylinders: More Deals, More Rumors

Disclosure: The Nate Robinson to Boston deal has multiple sources confirming that the deal is indeed in serious talks, and possibly even done, with some even reporting that the deal is set but not finalized, and likely will not be until tomorrow. Long story short, it's very unlikely the deal doesn't go through by the deadline tomorrow.

Adrian Wojnarowski, Y! Sports: Cavs Strike Deal for Antawn Jamison:

The Cleveland Cavaliers have reached agreement on a six-player, three-team trade that lands them former All-Star forward Antawn Jamison(notes), league sources with knowledge of the talks told Yahoo! Sports. The Cavaliers are sending center Zydrunas Ilgauskas(notes) and a first-round pick to the Wizards.

The Wizards also will receive Brian Skinner(notes) and Al Thornton(notes) from the Los Angeles Clippers. The Cavaliers will get point guard Sebastian Telfair(notes) from the Clippers. The Wizards will send Drew Gooden(notes) to the Clippers.

The Washington Post first reported the Wizards had agreed to send Jamison to the Cavaliers.
AP, ESPN: Agent thinks Stoudemire is on the move:
Happy Walters told The Associated Press that it would make no sense for the Phoenix Suns not to trade Stoudemire only to see him walk away as a free agent at the end of the season.
Walters said Stoudemire believes Phoenix's game Wednesday night at Dallas will be his last for the Suns.

"It's going to be emotional," Walters said. "... He really does love the team and he knows he's playing with one of the best point guards ever."
Both of these reports have me near self-convinced that the Celtics will trade Ray Allen, Nate Robinson or no Nate Robinson. We simply can't rely on the belief that maybe Ray Allen will catch fire, or maybe the team will regain that championship drive. We need to go out and get a star/starter/veteran player who can provide energy and motivation for the leaders to set this squad straight.

Don't think I'm panicking either. I'm just not being a homer and being rational here. When the best team in the league, arguably, as well as the best player in the league, gets armed with a veteran star like Jamison, it's improbable that you're going to get past them without an extra push. Especially since they've been doing this good with Mo Williams, who is scheduled to return soon. Now even with Nate Robinson, who I think is a fine addition barring, as I've said, any continuation of his uncooperative behavior and bad attitude in New York, we need someone to instill fear in Cleveland's hearts. In Orlando's hearts. As good a team as we are, do you think Cleveland is really intimidated of anybody at this point? Orlando? After overcoming double-digit leads against us twice? LA? Atlanta? Denver? Hell, Dallas?

And if Miami gets Stoudemire? It might not be true but... get someone. Please. Dwyane Wade might finally have someone that can draw some guys off of him and get open shots. LeBron now has a star-studded cast with committed role players and a determined coach. LA, Orlando, Dallas, and Atlanta have all proven they can beat us. And we know what Denver can do with the leadership of Billups and bullish, reckless play of Carmelo Anthony.

On a less frightening note, ESPN has sources telling them that Chicago is looking to deal John Salmons. It's not the most intriguing option for Boston, but it doesn't really seem like much of a desperate move either. Maybe Danny should investigate?

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