Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Glen Davis Starting Tonight

My man, Glen Davis, will be a part of the first unit tonight! I'm very excited for tonight's game. Look for a great match-between Davis and Michael Beasley, who is bound to go off at least one game this series. I look for Davis to regain a lot of his confidence tonight, sparking energy in the team and exploiting a lot of the garbage points (back-cuts, offensive rebounds) that are easy to get against Miami if you're good at shaking your defender (which Davis is).

I'm hoping Miami doesn't out-rebound us as badly as they did in the first half of game one. Davis has the energy to use for the whole game that Garnett saved for the second half and single-handedly demolished the Heat on the boards.

I'm also looking forward to a great performance from Rasheed tonight. Wallace, initially the go-to guy when KG was out, is going to look to avenge himself after Doc skipped over his name and called on Glen Davis to replace Garnett in tonight's game.

I'm definitely hoping to see vintage Rasheed Wallace, posting up, wreaking havoc with his bank shot, and punishing smaller defenders with a simple drop-step move.

Go Celtics!

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