Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heroes And Zeroes

Now that the postseason is underway, certain players have put their best feet forward and stepped into the spotlight. Others have tripped, stumbled, even put those feet into their own respective mouths. Based purely on first impressions, I present you with this year's Playoff Heroes And Zeroes so far.

LeBron- two games of complete domination under his belt. Chicago has absolutely no chance of defending the guy. LBJ gets extra points for not engaging in any dancing buffoonery (yet).

Deron Williams- his Jazz managed to get a split mainly because of his efforts. Despite being banged up, he's easily been the best player in that series. While his teammates are dropping like flies, he just seems to get stronger.

Celtics D- they put the clamp down on Miami on the 2nd half, just suffocated them. Reminded me of '08. We'll see if they can keep it up, especially without KG.

Ron Artest- Ron Ron molested young Kevin Durant into an awful shooting game and clearly got into his head for Game 2.

Dwight Howard- SuperSmiles blocked NINE shots against a team that essentially stopped challenging him after the first quarter. That's unbelievable.

Joakim Noah- I guess if you can't beat your opponent, you might as well complain about their city's nightlife. Low class. Typical of him. Granted, he's played well but nobody likes a crybaby.

Vinny Del Negro- his team's getting blown out, his players don't respect him, his boss wants to kick his ass...could it get worse for this guy? Two more games (maybe three) and he's packing up his office.

KG- hate to do this on a Cs blog but my man blew it. Losing him for Game 2 could cost them this series. Really poor judgment to throw that elbow.

Pictured: KG being crotchety at exactly the wrong time

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