Monday, April 19, 2010

Red's Army Responds to Quentin Richardson, and Dwyer Has An Explanation For The Garnett Hate Parade

Saturday night, Quentin Richardson did something that we didn't like. Later, he said some things we didn't approve of either. And yesterday, we learned that one of, if not the team's core player, Kevin Garnett, wouild be suspended for game 2 mainly because of him. Red's Army let it known that they along with the rest of Celtics Nation were not happy with the ignorant sequence of actions from Richardson by asking those who are heading over to the Garden tomorrow for game two to make that night livid, miserable, and painful for Richardson tomorrow. We want him to play irritated, aggravated; like he's in a downpour or loathsome boos and chants.

Maybe the Loscy picture adjacent to you will give you the general idea.

Bonus article: Ball Don't Lie, Why we don't like Kevin Garnett any more.

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