Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trade Deadline Morning Roundup: Eddie House Understands, Robinson Deal Still Not Finalized, and Boston Emerges in Multi-Team Deal

Red's Army has collected some great quotes from Eddie House, the main piece leaving Boston in the Nate Robinson to the Celtics trade, and Doc Rivers. Here's the one I like the most (from the Herald):
... the Celtics [team stats] feel like they’ll be a better team with the guy they’re trying to get. So you’ve got to move on. That’s what it is. I’m here at practice today. I’m a basketball player. I’m going to do what I love to do and play basketball and come (today) figure out what’s going to happen.”...
Vintage Eddie. Always looking forward. If the deal goes through, which I can't see it not, good luck to him in the Big Apple.

Speaking of that Nate deal, as I've mentioned above, it still hasn't gone through. Apparently it's at the same stage as it was last night. Not surprising. Nothing much to add either. Check out all my thoughts about the deal and updates from yesterday's Nate Robinson-to-Boston "up-to-the-minute scramble" here.

Lastly, and perhaps the most exciting/provocative/stressful rumor about the Celtics that's sprung up today, Gary Washburn has reported via his Twitter account (via CelticsBlog) that a player from Sacramento could be on his way to Boston as part of the T-Mac to New York deal.

I'll leave you to make semi-conclusions/opinions of your own.

P.S. Kevin Martin. That is all.

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